Athletic Association

The 2020-21 Athletic Handbook is included in the School Parent Handbook. The specific pages will be available here.



Our sport's programs rely heavily on our community for them to be successful.  In addition to coaching, there are many activities and responsibilities (out front or behind the scenes) throughout the year that must be performed.  Opportunities exist for new “hands” and “feet” to get involved.  Here is a list of a few of those things.

Concession Stand inventory and purchasing.

Concession Stand scheduling. 

Player Fee collection.

Player Record Keeping.

Facility scheduling.

Athletic Board Secretary.

Pancake Breakfast w/ Santa coordinating.

Fish Fry coordinating.

Burger King (You Can Lend a Hand) Coupon Book coordinating.

Uniform inventory.

Equipment inventory.

Volleyball home game and CYO tournament organizing (fall).

Basketball home game and CYO tournament organizing (winter).

Football field lining (fall).

Softball field prep, game lining (spring).

For more information on these activities and to volunteer, contact Matt Bobay by email at