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Which books are appropriate for your child to read?

At times it is very difficult to know if a particular book is appropriate for a child to read.  I have been using two sites that are very helpful to me, as a librarian, to decide which books are appropriate for use in our school library.  You may want to visit these sites when deciding if you want your child to read a certain book.

“Common Sense Media”

“Kiss the Book”

Both sites give tons of information!  There will be some books, of course, which are not featured on one site, but may be shown on the other site.  Hopefully these two sites, in partnership, will be helpful to you.


MyOn Reader-Free Online Books

MyOn Reader is an on-line digital library from Capstone books. Our students have access to over 1,700 books online anytime, anywhere! These books are in full color and the students may choose to have them read to them or read them alone. Many of these books have A.R. tests.

MyOn is engaging and hands on. As long as you use this username and password, it is free of charge. Of course, it is always best to monitor what your child is reading to ensure that it is appropriate for his/her reading level.

school: Texas Strong

username: myon    password: myon


Does the book my child is reading have an AR test to go with it?

Google:  AR BookFinder

GRADE                 READING LEVEL               AR POINTS

                                         8                               6,7,8+                                 18

                                                     Check with teacher if below level 6

                                         7                               5,6,7+                                 15

                                                     Check with teacher if below level 5

                                         6                               4,5,6+                                 12

                                                     Check with teacher if below level 4

                                         5                                 4,5+                                   9

                                                      Check with teacher if below level 4

                                         4                                 3,4+                                   6

                                                       Check with teacher if below level 3

                                         3                                 2,3+                                   3

                                                       Check with teacher if below level 2

                                         2                                 1,2+                                   2

                                      1 & K             1+   Advanced Reader/Enrichment


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